Who runs Coinhive?
Let's Expose!

856,116 websites have been checked until now
992 websites are currently running JavaScript Miner
1,134,919,456 Users are getting cryptojacked monthly
450 Coinhive IDs which belong to 992 domains
OT1CIcpkIOCO7yVMxcJiqmSWoDWOri06 is the Number one CryptoJacker

Check who runs Coinhive
and expose JavaScript Miner and CryptoJacker

Today webmasters have the possibility to place code on their website to mine crypto currencies with your computer power. This leads to a high bill from your electricity supplier. We are here to inform you, because we think it should be transparent to the website's visitor if he wants that, or not. Fair play!

Browser Plugin

We are working on a Plugin that detects if a miner is running on a website and warns you or automatically blocks it. If you are interested in contributing to this project. Write us an email!


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The List

You can have a look at the whole list of websites running the Coinhive JavaScript mining software. Our Software always rechecks the domains and immitates normal website to find the bad guys

Our goal is to build a database about JavaScript Miners and CryptoJackers for transparency to the internet and its freedom. This database is still under heavy development but a proof of concept works very well. The code will get published on github soon, so you can contribute and let this project grow!

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